Should you create a CRM database in Excel !!
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Should you create a CRM database in Excel !!
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    Should you create a CRM database in Excel !!

    Should You Use Excel as Your CRM System? 
    Though you can fluently use Excel to produce a database of your guests, Excel lacks several crucial benefits of further devoted CRM software. A proper CRM system that's integrated and automated will allow you to more manage your leads and openings, move your deals channel forward, and eventually near more deals. 
    What is a CRM? 

     CRM stands for client Relationship operation and is a software tool that helps manufacturers organize all of their relations with both implicit and current guests. CRMs are robust tools that help you keep track of client information and manage your deals processes. 
     What a CRM can help you to do your daily work ?

     Track guests and their order history 
     Identify business openings and new deals leads 

     Streamline the deals process and reduce repetitious work 
     grease better support for current guests 

    CRM Dashboard should be? 
     A CRM dashboard is a customizable, substantiated, and centralized mecca that presents your client information in a way that's dynamic and interactive — and that gives you a wealth of perceptivity into your guests. CRM dashboards are a better way than Excel spreadsheets to view your client information, making it easier for your deals platoon to stay systematized, and to stay on top of your deals channel. 

     CRM dashboards allow each member of your platoon to customize their dashboard to fluently have access to the information that they need to identify openings, prioritize their workloads, and move deals forward. With a dashboard, you can see information at a regard and gain real- time updates on your deals channel. 
     What Excel Can not Offer 
    Though Excel can adequately produce a database of your client information, it lacks numerous of the features that a complete CRM software result has to offer 
     Data Visibility .
     CRM software presents your deals and client information in an easy- to- understand dashboard, as well as the capability to snappily drill down further into client records to pierce any information you or your platoon might need. On the other hand, the stoner interface of Excel isn't nearly as stoner-friendly, and does not allow you to snappily pierce information on leads or guests Excel requires too important searching and scrolling up or down, and side to side to fluently view information. 
     Integration — especially in moment’s business world is extremely important. Unlike Excel, a devoted CRM system will fluently integrate with other departments ’ software tools, for illustration, moving lead & client data directly into account. 
    And more yet? A CRM that integrates directly with your ERP system will be a massive advantage for a manufacturing company. Manufacturers heavily calculate on their ERP system to drive their operations, so having a CRM that's integrated with your ERP system will save time and make your deals platoon more effective. A connected CRM means not only do you save time by not having to duplicate information between your two systems, but also that your deals platoon will have access to price lists, past deals, and other tools that will help your deals platoon do their jobs hastily and with further delicacy. 
     perk Tip 
     Creating quick and accurate quotations is a challenge for complex, custom manufacturers, but a CRM that's completely integrated with your ERP will make it much easier for your deals platoon to give your guests accurate quotations, as they can fluently pierce literal data, price lists, and once deals to produce quotations. Or if a product is more complex, they can snappily bring engineering into the process, to develop and upgrade quotations to meet guests ’ needs. Excel just ca n’t do that. 
     Security and Collaboration 
     A big problem with Excel is that it does n’t fluently support collaboration departments. Not only is it delicate to control spreadsheets and maintain delicacy when multiple workers try to pierce and alter the Excel document at the same time, with no single source of verity for your data, you can noway be certain about what changes have been made to your data or if everyone is counting on the right set of data. 
    CRM systems calculate on logins and watchwords, making it easy to manage who has access to your data, and who has the capability to make changes. Both collaboration and security are bettered with a CRM system, making them a more reliable result. 
     How an ERP CRM Dashboard Can Serve You More Than Excel 
     CRMs are a great tool to help you manage client connections including client information, leads and openings, and deals, quotations, and orderstatuses.But numerous manufacturers suppose they do n’t need one, and that Excel is good enough. The manufacturing assiduity has evolved to be much further client- centric over the last many times, and a CRM is an inestimable tool to help manufacturers be more systematized, vend further products, and produce happier guests. 
     Consolidated Deals mecca 
     A CRM allows you to use dashboards and other tools to polarize all your deals exchanges and information in one place, meaning your deals platoon will be suitable to manage all accounts, leads, openings, and dispatches within onesystem.No more missed deals or openings because information got lost in the equivocation — or scroll of an Excel spreadsheet. 
     More Deals Performance 
     The tools included with a CRM will allow your deals platoon to keep on top of all your prospects and openings by creating and managing tasks and using a timetable tool to plan and coordinate deals calls. individualized dashboards for each individual deals rep lets them have all the information they need at their fingertips, to keep on top of all leads, openings, and manage their channel. The nethermost line is that a more systematized and supported deals platoon and a more- managed deals channel — will lead to increased performance by your deals platoon and further unrestricted deals. 
     Increased client Satisfaction 

     A CRM is also a precious tool for managing the relationship you have with your current guests. Having further information about your guests can help you communicate more regularly and effectively with them, which will lead to a stronger relationship. When client support is strong, and the client relationship is well nurtured, a client will tend to report advanced degrees of satisfaction, and heightened fidelity. What does this restate to for you? further reprise business and pious guests who'll return to you again and again for their requirements. 

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