Advantages and disadvantages of ODOO ERP
Choose odoo erp based on his advantages and disadvantages
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Advantages and disadvantages of ODOO ERP
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    Advantages and disadvantages of ODOO ERP


    Odoo stands for On-Demand Open Object. Odoo is simply a combination of applications and modules that are related businesses operations such as 
        • CRM
        • Accounting Suits, 
        • Purchasing Management, 
        • Product Management, 
        • HRMS, 
        • Sales Management, 
        • E-Commerce, 
        • Asset Management, etc. 
    All of these integrated modules are called ERP, that is, Enterprise Resource Planning software. There are a growing number of Odoo users worldwide as it is considered one of the best ERPs of all business scales as it has a flexible approach. app. There are a growing number of Odoo users worldwide as it is considered one of the best ERPs of all business scales as it has a flexible approach. It will also present a relevant argument to understand the importance of Odoo ERP for your business

    Advantages and Disadvantages of odoo erp is always first question for the business owner at the time of selecting the erp. But wit this blog, the advantages and disadvantages of  OdooERP are explained in more detail. This is an explanatory blog that will help the reader decide whether or not to use Odoo ERP. 

    Benefits of Odoo ERP

    1. Overall Features and Prices

    Odoo is a platform specifically designed to cater to all types of needs in the modern business environment. It is an inexpensive ERP support system and an easy-to-use API platform with a wide range of other applications such as Whatsapp, Google Maps,, etc. There are three different methods that can be employed in your business. The Community Program is very popular and widely used, as it offers an abundance of useful features in supporting most of the ERP needs. Success Packs recommended for businesses with 50 users or less. Thirdly it is recommended for types of businesses with more than 50 users.

    2. Business Marketing Development

    Odoo contains various features to improve business marketing processes using electronic signatures on communications, documents, rising revenue, etc. Its built-in CRM provides assistance to business owners with accurate sales forecasts and data that can be taken to make smart decision-making, customizable dashboard designs. to improve business performance. Tools like CRM and POS are easy to use and easy to set up.

    3. Easy Integration between Services

    These tools are Odoo Project, Helpdesk and Timesheet. It has a visual ergonomic information system that assists in business planning, setting up, team performance evaluation and project suitability. This can be distributed to make accurate predictions of operational projects and resource requirements. The project management tools provided by Odoo help the user to optimize and integrate systems in the workplace, increase productivity and improve teamwork.

    4. Customer Support

    Accessibility can earn you brownie points with your customer support. Odoo offers a wide range of accessible and basic customer services. There are usually limitations on the services available but Odoo offers a variety of such services available simultaneously online.

    Disadvantages of Odoo ERP

    1. Complex setup structure

    Odoo ERP is complex in structure and can be challenging to build or implement according to the needs of your business. Many businesses have faced problems in enforcing Odoo ERP due to the slowness of the installation process.

    2. User wise monthly Plans

    Among the most common complaints about Odoo is the high price tag. After using one module, switching to one additional application means additional costs, in addition to $ 30 / month per user. As a result, the total number continues to rise. However, in order to solve this pricing problem, Odoo provided pricing plans for selecting apps in advance.

    3. Minimum width of support

    Due to limited support servers, Odoo is unable to provide a regular customer support service to all clients. Few clients feel dissatisfied as their problems could not be resolved quickly enough. Odoos' training list, too, is considered to be the highest in the junior organization. But as odoo is an open source erp solutions so there are number of good companies are working in odoo almost all countries. And they are providing best services in this field. ERPcaLL one of the best odoo support and service provider company in India and serving globally.  Even ERPCALL also offer odoo outsourcing services.


    With the advancement of technology, businesses need to adapt and adapt. Odoo is a platform that covers the needs of the business as a whole. Customize and automate all business processes. Managing all aspects of a business technically enhances its productivity and customer approach. Odoo is one solution to all operational and business process integration as it reduces errors, reduces costs and simplifies the operating process. 

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