Complete Guide on Best Hosting Solution for Odoo
Odoo Cloud server
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Complete Guide on Best Hosting Solution for Odoo
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    Complete Guide on Best Hosting Solution for Odoo

    Complete Guide on Best Odoo Cloud Solution 

    Are you using Odoo ERP in your business? If so, you may know how obvious it is to choose a host that you can rely on; you cannot afford to deal with server expiration. In addition, we will be discussing in detail all of the above Odoo hosting solutions, so it is easy to choose the right solution for your Odoo business setup. Sending Odoo to a server that recommends your business processes is a must. Whatever Odoo hosting solution you choose, should allow you to work well with it, be sure to consider all business needs.

    Before selecting any type of Odoo hosting see the offered solutions-

    • Odoo Online


    • Private VPS Cloud

    • On-premise

    • SAAS

    make sure you do not skip the following questions:

    • Are you starting your own business in the Odoo Community or the Enterprise version?

    • What is your budget?

    • Have you considered all security issues?

    Quick tips before choosing the Odoo Hosting type

    Choose the public version when the client is ready to use the open source platform if the budget is a major obstacle.Community versions have limited features provided, so the client should be prepared to work with the same features or customize them. If not, choose a enterprise version as it offers different modules that take your ERP experience to the next level.Choose the community version if the client wants an existing solution or cloud hosting with a limited budget.If you have limited users, the Odoo community is commendable, and on the other hand, if there are more users, stick to a enterprise plan.

         Odoo Enterprise is designed for all devices, unlike the public.

        Odoo SA provides migration to Odoo Enterprise users.

    If you are looking forward to finding the right Odoo hosting solution, contact our technical and operational advisors.

    Types of Odoo Hosting

    Odoo Online Odoo offers a shared cloud server where you can start your ERP with a few clicks. You will get access to the domain via erpcall.

    Online odoo Benefits:

    • It finds you online in a few seconds

    • You are getting the latest version of Enterprise.

    • Supports moving to the latest version in the future

    • The cloud is owned by Odoo

    • A little customization is possible with Odoo Studio

    • Odoo provides free unlimited single app support to customers who use Odoo online.

    Online Odoo Disadvantages:

    • You cannot install custom modules.

    • You can not get the public version, for free.

    • Server controls are not supported.

    When can you choose to host Odoo Online?

    You want to use the main Odoo module without having to customize it.You want trouble-free handling and migration support You want a plan based on the number of users and the number of applications used for different projects. is a development platform provided by Odoo, followed by the GitHub repository. Allows you to create branches of development, stage, and production and location. Few users can use it at one time during development. Free for Odoo partners. benefits:    

    It helps you to develop, evaluate, and customize your Live. 

    • Automatic Builds is created for every commitment.

    • Standard DB backups. Even a handwritten copy of the repository is supported.

    • You get a dedicated RunBot for your project.

    • Emails are not set in the stage branch; so you can freely test your system.

    • Provides support for multiple versions of Odoo at once.

    • Supports integration of third-party companies with custom applications. disadvantages:   

    The price is higher than the VPS cloud.

    You cannot fully control the server at the root level as assigned to host.

    When can you choose to host to upgrade, test and push into production on

    If your project is going to be big with a lot of customization and a few technical people will be working on the project, choosing this type of hosting is advisable. provides an easy way to collaborate, create separate development branches, and integrate with the stage and master.

    Private VPS Cloud Hosting:

    You can host Odoo on a private cloud server with your custom configuration. 

    Private VPS Benefits:

    • Custom modules can be easily installed.

    • Server settings can be upgraded or degraded according to needs.

    Private VPS Disadvantages:   

    You need a professional person to manage the cloud server. Stage and production conditions need to be set in person.

    When can you choose to host a Private VPS Cloud?If you want to have a complete server in your control with root access, you should definitely go with this option. You also need to have technical knowledge or a professional person to manage the server. 

    On-Premise Hosting

    You can host Odoo on your local server. You can keep it local or make it public 

    Premise Hosting Benefits:   

    The hardware can be managed by the company itself with great security.

    • Odoo can be used locally, which makes it very fast.

    • Custom modules can be easily installed.

    On-Premise hosting disadvantages:   

    Hardware costs that can increase over time. 

    You need a professional person to manage the server.

    If the hardware is low, you can't quickly move it to another IP as a cloud server.

    When can you choose local hosting?

    This depends on the company / business security decision. If they wish to keep the server in-house and can appoint a professional person to manage the server, they can choose this type of hosting. ERPcaLL also provide cloud based pre loaded dedicated cloud server at very low cost starrting from $10/m only. And ERPcaLL also offer odoo outsourcing service at very affordable cost.

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