Cash Rounding in Odoo 15
How to set cash rounding in odoo15
5 March, 2022 by
Cash Rounding in Odoo 15
Pranshu Tiwari

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How to set cash rounding in Odoo 15?

Odoo always did some changes in the flow and make better features loaded. In odoo15 cash rounding method little changed in flow. Let me describe you on this. In this article I will explain you in simple steps how to set and define your cash rounding for Accounting and POS. Please follow the image highlight points and step instruction.

Step-1 Go to Accounting

Step-2 Go to Accounting > Configuration

Step-3 Go to Accounting > Configuration > Settings

Step-4 Go to Accounting > Configuration > Settings > Cash Rounding enable this cash rounding checkbox and save it and then click on the cash rounding new highlighted button.

Step-5 Create you cash rounding for example as per the below image.

Now this above explanation same as odoo earlier version. Now the changes that odoo did in 15 that explained below steps, If you want to Hire odoo Developer for your business erp support and service then you can easily click on "Hire Odoo Developer" and hire your odoo developer based on your need. We also provide "Odoo" support and service.

After creating cash rounding create fresh invoice for your testing it will not show any changes in the invoice amount. For this each invoice you need to select the created cash rounding. Its upto you for which invoice you want to apply cash rounding or not. Like this below image.

Click on the Other Info tab and select your cash rounding method that you created earlier. And then after once click the Invoice line tab it will show the reflected amount.

Like this above image. You can change the cash rounding strategy as well based on the below image.

Either you can modify the tax amount or you can add a line under the invoice.

I hope you like this article and it helps you to setup your cash rounding with Odoo 15.

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