Odoo vs ERPNext
comparison between odoo vs erpnext
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Odoo vs ERPNext
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Odoo Vs ERPNext

Before start explaining about comparison between odoo vs erpnext or erpnext vs odoo. We first need to know about the ERP and its uses in our business and why erp is important for our business, So lets start.

ERP (Enterprise resource planning ) 

Enterprise resource planning ( ERP) solutions are used by companies that struggling with the manual work and speedup the task. ERP is a bunch of software solution which handle all business operation. ERP basically used by those companies those are dealing in more then one department.

Benefits ERP (Enterprise resource planning ) 

Companies are doing best in own specialization market, but they alway try to get one erp solution which help to organize all business operation and activities. With ERP companies plan to control their corporate operations through a structured and automated framework.

  1. Business centralization

  2. Automation

  3. Artificial Intelligent

  4. Quick Fast & Time Saving

  5. Cost effective

  6. More focused

  7. Accurate and Secure and many more


Odoo is an open source erp solution with python based backend language and PostgreSQL based database. Odoo comes with free and paid both option, In free odoo called odoo community, Where major modules are free of cost. You can get odoo packages from nightly.


ERPnext is also an open source erp solution with the same odoo backend technology. And same frame structucher. ERPnext also available in internet with all the packages, With that we can use erpnext without any charges. 

Now discuss about the difference between these two open source erp solution. Which should be the better one. As per our recommendation based on all features and functionality odoo is the better one. 

Odoo Vs ERPnext or ERPnext vs Odoo

Odoo and ERPnext both are open source ERP solutions with a community of people working in the background to support its users.There are few difference between.Below is a tabular comparison between Odoo vs ERPNext with a focus on the features in their respective business modules. Please note that the following comparison is between the enterprise edition of both Odoo and ERPNext.

Supply Chain

Odoo Enterprise
Supplier Management check check
Supplier Pricelist Management check check
Inward Quality Inspection check check
Drop Shipping check check
Purchase Requests (Material Request) check check
Purchase Orders check check
Purchase Approval Workflow check check
Contracts/Purchase Agreements times check
Request for Quotations check check
Supplier Self Service Portal times check


Multi-level BOM check check
BOM Versions check check
By Products/Co Products check check
Make-to-Order check check
Routings check check
Sub Assemblies check check
One BOM for Multiple Item Variants check check
Material Request Planning check check
Production Calendar check check
Multiple Scheduling Plans times check
Gantt Chart Scheduling w/ Drag & Drop check check
Kanban Planning check check
Work Order Merging/Splitting times check
Finite Capacity Planning check check
Infinite Capacity Planning check check
Delivery Date Calculation (Backwards Scheduling) times check
Job Tracking check check
Work Order/Production Order check check
Work Order Operations check check
Work Instructions on Work Order check check
Messages on Work Order check check
Automated Time Tracking check times
Subcontracting check check
Rework/Repair check check
Scrap check check
Landed Cost Voucher check check
Production Order Costing check check
Actual Production Labor check check
Shop floor Terminals check check


Multi Company check check
Inter Company check check
Multi Currency check check
Multi Language check check
Mobile Device Support check check
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) times times
Inventory Management
Multi Warehouse check times
Storage Locations(Bins) check times
Stock Repleishment check check
Stock Repleishment check check
Freight carrier integration times times
Stock Picking times times
Manage Stock Levels check check
Non Stocked Inventory check check
Inventory Price Lists check check
Multiple Variants check check
Multiple Units of Measure check check
Auto UOM Conversions check check
Batches/Serial Numbers check check
Up/Down Traceability check check
Batch Picking times check
Serial No Picking check check
Inventory Valuation check check
FIFO check check
Moving Average check check
Barcode Support check check
QR Code Support times check
Quick Barcode Scan (Without 3rd Party Device) times check
Delivery Notes check check
Stock Transfers check check
Inventory Adjustments check check

erpnext vs odoo
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