Azure's cloud-based IoT solutions
Azure's cloud-based IoT solutions
11 September, 2022 by
Azure's cloud-based IoT solutions



    Azure's cloud-based IoT solutions

    Azure is a solution that is priced based on usage. If operational costs are not taken into account from the outset, costs can surprise you as you move from testing to production. However, these pitfalls can be avoided with the help of an expert in Azure services.Azure cloud service offers in many ways.
    There are low-cost IoT solutions for even large volumes of data

    With ERPCaLL experts, Azure projects typically start with a walk-through of the customer's current situation. Based on this, a preliminary study is conducted and an architecture is sketched or a proof of concept is built to weigh the costs of implementation and what the operational costs will consist of. Operational costs in an Azure environment can be anticipated by working with an expert to consider issues such as:

    1- Which will affect the total cost more, the amount of data or the number of devices?
    2- How controlled are the integration costs?
    3- What is the amount of data and hardware for end users?
    4- How can different choices achieve the same level of service?

    Even for large amounts of data, there are low-cost solutions that experts can help you choose. In development, and especially in migration to production, you cannot just look at the amount of data or the number of devices. The system must be scalable up and down as needed.

    By putting the whole thing together correctly, Azure's cloud-based IoT solutions can be made to fit all purposes. As a expert developer, ERPcaLL has the latest knowledge about the optimal options and how different solutions behave in different situations. This helps to find the right options - without over- or under-budgeting the need.

    Ready-made libraries speed up product development

    Azure is also one of the most widely used platforms for IoT solutions. The pre-built packages it offers are extensively tested and regularly updated. Through the Azure SDK, development projects can get up and running quickly. Libraries for all major programming languages are available for application developers.

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    Digitizing industrial processes can be an expensive project that takes years to complete. Moving to Azure supports agile process digitization by enabling virtual servers to be deployed without the need to upgrade hardware. When data can be collected from devices in the cloud, it also opens up opportunities to develop a whole new business. Azure's cloud environment offers ready-made services for data exploitation, including B2B integrations, applications and reporting. With straightforward further development, the company's own resources can be focused on developing and marketing the service itself.