Why Oracle customers moved to ODOO ?
13 January, 2022 by
Why Oracle customers moved to ODOO ?
Shivam Singh
Among the popular ERP results main features that make ODOO approachable for guests than Oracle are
 An each-inclusive frame
ODOO can integrate all the departments together, accounts and finance, CRM, HRM, deals, purchase, point of deals, manage storehouse and induce checks unlike other operations. Which makes it top each in one ERP system. Likewise, ODOO offers over 15000 ready to use modules for all the functions in an association.
 Reasonable Price
When it comes to cost both software are available at a reasonable price. Compared to Oracle, ODOO is less precious and as open source ERP software is well- known for its cost effectiveness. ODOO offers two editions ODOO community edition and ODOO enterprise edition. The community edition provides introductory functionalities at free of cost. This creates an occasion for small businesses and companies that bear introductory ERP software functions to conclude for ODOO. On the other hand, enterprise edition integrates all the departments at stylish value for plutocrat.
ODOO ERP program is a modular result that can be regularly customized for the complex workflow. A stage-alone module can be erected without making any changes in the main ERP law. Also, the customization can be reversed in the future during updates and transition and the software is scalable with the growth of the business.
ODOO is a largely dependable and stoner-friendly frame that makes it unique compared to other ERP operations in the request. The navigations and simple configuration systems structuring, makes it easy for a non-specialized person to handle it. When it comes to Oracle the software is complicated and isn't stoner friendly. Further, it grants druggies read only access and is heavily device dependent rather than IT tone-sufficient.
 Functions ODOO provides are Enterprise Asset Management, Financial operation, Personnel Management, Client Relationship Operation, Order operation, Distribution Operation, Project operation, Inventory Management, Analytics and Reporting. On the other hand, Oracle does n’t offer main functions like Distribution Operation, Personnel operation, Client Relationship Operation, and Warehouse Management. Besides Oracle is only adaptable with pall, unlike ODOO which is compatible with Windows, Mac, cloud, and also works on Android and iOS mobile bias.
 Above mentioned are the features we look into while choosing ERP software and depending on their functionality ODOO has a slight advantage over Oracle. Flexible set of operations make ODOO special and ideal for your business terrain

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