Odoo Localization for Chile
13 January, 2022 by
Odoo Localization for Chile
Shivam Singh

Odoo has expanded extensively over the times, attracting guests from all corners of the world. Moment Odoo has concentrated on localization for Chile to drop the hedge entry for new guests, enabling our software to fit original request rules and conditions.
 As the country evolves so does the way of running businesses. Electronic Invoicing has come a demand for utmost companies in Chile and according to the SII model, these are the benefits
.- Online verification of the validity of DTEs.
-Savings in printing costs, dispatch and storehouse of duty documents.
- Reduction of stamping of physical duty documents, saving in time and costs of transfer and waiting.
-Elimination of threat of loss of physical duty documents.
- Checks can be stored digitally.
-Improves the speed and trustability of the company's billing process.

Considering all the information that companies need to shoot and admit from SII in compliance with the financial conditions. The integration and connection of data along different business processes and departments, is a crucial point in systems that companies use.
 Chile Localization with Odoo
 Odoo makes the necessary customizations for a general purpose to use in a particular country. In this case Chilean companies have faced an account elaboration which has come a demand for utmost of the companies.

 Odoo focuses on three main features
 Base Module
- Account Plan
-Update of levies and financial positions
- Types of identification
-Multiple types of financial documents per journal

 Electronic Invoicing
-Direct electronic billing emigration with the SII via webservice
- Extract support
- Processing supplier checks, transferring acceptance and rejection.
-Synchronization of exchange rates with the CMF with UF support.
 Fiscal Reports
- 8- column duty balance
- Offer F29

Benefits of Chilean Localization with Odoo
 Besides localization helping companies come more adaptable and stoner-friendly in different countries, using Odoo brings the following benefits to Chilean companies.
- Compliance with the main financial programs and regulations in Chile.
- Store and save Electronic Tab documents in your database.
- Track each status from the SII confirmation and from your client acceptance.
- Seller bills are created automatically grounded on the entered DTE.
- Claim or Accept your merchandisers bills from Odoo.
- Induce F29 Report and Reporte de 8 Columnas with just a many clicks.
- Polarize the data needed for the SII reports in a single database.
Not only does Odoo grease government and law regulations, there are also other benefits that Odoo brings to companies, it helps businesses come paperless, as well as, integrate account deals with different business cycles.
 From managing Accounting, Electronic Invoicing, Financial Reports, and so much more-Odoo is an effective software that supports businesses run productively and effectively. This is why Odoo has concentrated on localization within Chile, to break this complex process for businesses that are eager to grow.

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