DoI really need ERP on my phone?
13 January, 2022 by
DoI really need ERP on my phone?
Shivam Singh

 Regardless of your presence at office premises or away from it, there are processes which need to be constantly worked upon. Sacrificing work as a result of distance or lack of company information can evidently cause the downfall of an enterprise. But with the current technological advances, the world is growing so fast that it has removed the factor of distances and replaced it with ease and accessibility.Mobile ERP is one of the most prominent ways through which people are working remotely and carrying forward the success, future and sustainability of their company.

Some businesses already have CRM apps on mobile phones. But, is ERP on your phone really necessary?

First, you have to look at the benefits and improvements mobile ERP can bring to your business. Some business owners and employees have to put decisions on hold, wait until they return to their laptop to examine data. Only then, they can make a decision.Mobile devices are steadily replacing laptops and desktops.

If you already have your phone with you, wouldn’t it be easier to check information in your ERP there?In a manufacturing environment, production and operations departments can access information about potential problems, like machine malfunctions or supply chain issues. This means they’re able to take actions to keep working and prevent possible delays. They can also track inventory and production processes.

The company can be in the loop with its teams on the field. A salesperson that travels to meet with a customer can prepare with current information about them while making the trip. Supervisors are informed in real-time about the meeting. Approvals are done right away without keeping your customer waiting for an answer.

Data duplication will be avoided. It’ll be accurate. Your customer service improves because real-time information is always available.A study about the adoption of mobile ERP systems showed that companies saw increases in productivity, organizational efficiency, and effectiveness, lowered costs and increased surveillance and control.Everyone in the company can take advantage of a mobile ERP. It’s becoming easier to monitor what is happening in the organization in real-time.

Odoo mobile

A good mobile ERP needs to be capable of streamlining processes and collaboration to increase productivity.Odoo mobile is one of those. You can carry organizational information with you, anywhere you go.Information is updated in real-time so you don’t have to check for its validity.You get all the Odoo functionalities and features on your phone or tablet.It’s an excellent choice for businesses on the go.Carry your work in your pocket.

Consumers are using their mobile devices at any time, anywhere. They search and buy goods from their smartphones. Businesses stopped having physical boundaries. The traditional office is no longer required. And employees can get work done without stepping a foot inside the company.

Mobile ERP for Small Businesses

People often associate ERP software only with large enterprises.  They also have many misconceptions regarding ERP. One of the most common misinterpretations is that an ERP is designed majorly for large scale organizations. But that is not the actual scenario.

The benefits of ERP in small businesses are as important and consequential as in the case of large companies. The modern software is offering features to small businesses where they can access data and manage inventory. This  reduces the maintenance cost of preserving a complicated IT infrastructure.

An ideal solution for small businesses is introducing Cloud-based ERP. A cloud-based ERP simplifies the process of collaboration and builds a smooth flow throughout the supply chain.Apart from conveying real-time information, mobile devices can also be used in all business aspects.


A Mobile ERP software comes with unlimited features that facilitate an organization with its exceptional benefits. It is especially helpful for small and medium businesses as it gives them a user-friendly and sophisticated frame to store and manage their data.

In short, a Mobile ERP app helps employees to access data any time from anywhere. It also centralizes information and is entirely inexpensive. It also provides a real-time platform to share and access the information with proper security credentials.

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