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ERPcaLL is one of the best open source Institute management ERP providers in India and Nigeria,The software completely provides facility to carry out all day to day activities, manage properly the infrastructure to make the management very secured. Our main objective is to create a spectacular and tremendous platform through which all the members of the school management system get complete beneficial and should fulfil their needs and requirements. Each school has its unique challenges, and this is why we provide robust and scalable software for the school management system so that it could be customized as per the needs of organizations.

We make easier and reliable roadways that facilitate real-time of information between teachers, parents, staff and students. Students can also know their useful information through our software and can fulfil their needs and requirements.

Institute Management Software

Increasing Educational Institutions are facing challenges in proper structured as well as organized communications to all students, parents, teachers, staffs, donor and management. ERPcaLL is one techshop solutions for any types of an educational institute to easily automate their data management process. IF you are looking for best school management software, best school ERP for School, best student management software, college or coaching institute, the dedicated and well-experienced development team at ERPcaLL knows well how to stand on the expectations of their clients and therefore develop a user-friendly as well as robust & secure School ERP.

Schools and colleges have designed and evolved their own systems over time. New administrators, new thinking and new requirements have always led to modifications in a continuous cycle of change.

  • Reduce manual or spreadsheet-based jobs by more than 50% by using one virtual office system to support all K-12 academics and administrative processes
  • Ensure the safety of students with state-of-the-art security measures including GPS tracking, RFID and biometric devices and visitor management system.
  • Augment parental involvement in a student's education with customised parent app, regular notifications and reports, improved communication features, etc.
  • Build your credibility for potential applicants with advanced website management, and streamlining of the admission procedures
Fee Collection

Student Admission

Admission process automates the various steps involved in admission of students, including registration, subjects assignment, document submission, advance fee submission, and batch allotment.

Student Parent login

Once the administrator has admitted all the students, they will be notified by an email or sms with their credentials.

Finance and Fees

ERPcaLL incorporates all types of fee structures followed by different institutions worldwide with the ees setup can be done based on student category or for a complete course in a few clicks.

Human Resources

The institution can manage their employees completely starting from their admission to leaves management, payroll assignment , payslips generation, etc.

Courses and Batches

The course and batch creation of ERPcaLL is unique in its nature as it supports all variations of courses and batches in all levels of institution-be it in school, college/university or any professional institute

Student Attendance

ERPcaLL provides teachers a convenient way to track the attendance of students either subject wise or day wise Mark student absence for half day or full day with/without reason in just a click

Messaging System

ERPcaLL users can use the messaging system to notify or send any messages to the students, parents and teachers The institutions can send out targeted information to parents and students about school events, fee dues, etc. and to the teachers about upcoming PTA meetings etc.

Institute Event/Calendar

Institute’s schedule can be maintained in Fedena calendar, where the students, parents and employees can check the upcoming events, examinations, fees dues and plan accordingly

Process from your idea to
real product


Gathering deapartment flow
We visit your school and internally evaluate the runiing department wise flow like we acoounting and teaching strucher, Teachers, classes and subjects.


Business BRD
We develop BRD based on your current school business model and based we also bid with total time frame with training and all.


Start Development
We start developing the project based on department and start developing software implementation with the exact 360 business scenario which avoids the time delay.


GO-Live project
Before go-live, we test many times the software in our internal testing phase of manual and automation, We live the projects department wise or phase-wise.

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About us

Complete business solution with the automation process, We always try to design unique and advance solutions that make your business profitable and competitive. We aim to serve better with one tech stop solution.


If you wish to receive our latest news in your email box, just subscribe to our newsletter. We won’t spam you, we promise!

About us

Complete business solution with automation process, We always try to design unique and advance solutions which makes your business profitable and comptetive. Our aim is to serve better with one techstop solution..

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