ERP entry in SME

Erpcall is targeting to enhance the goal of the rural areas and small scale industries . It has developed and open-sourced a manufacturing execution system (MES) for smaller businesses. Erpcall hopes to replicate the success of companies such as Openbravo, odoo, and SugarCRM, all of which have developed apps that are available both in community-supported free open-source solution provider company.

Erpcall not ristrict in one technology we are open for the all technologies and targeting to promote and enhance the skill of startup enterprenuer because of small scale industry gernally not having enough budget to spend his hard work money to the software Licencing and without knowing the result of implementation.

We understand your need and your firm depth and resource adopting level on that some erpcall scale parameter we trying to reduce the cost with six sigma quality parameters. We also welcome to the open hand for our goal.